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Lighting Up Your Brain On A Budget

Recently I’ve been seeing more and more talk about intranasal light devices and decided to look into the subject again. A few years ago I tried to read up a little but I couldn’t find much data. The early Vielight devices were out at that point but I couldn’t find specifications for them.More

Experiences With Light Therapy

This is an article on the various light therapy devices that I have found myself using after a few years of experimentation. I’ve written about the technical aspects of some of these devices here before so it might be interesting to look back and see how useful they have been to me in reality.… More

Red light protects skin from sun damage.

Sunlight is necessary for human health, UVB wavelengths stimulate dermal synthesis of Vitamin D, red and near infrared A (IR-A) have many beneficial effects, increasing thyroid function and cellular ATP. Increased mortality and blood pressure have been recorded in winter. UVA combined with the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) cause skin ageing, particularly in areas where skin is thinner and eye damage.… More