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Scientists discover the secret of longevity?

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Scientists discover the secret of longevity?

I came across an article on The Independent (UK) called ‘Scientists ‘find key to longevity’ in Italian village where one in 10 people live beyond 100 years”. These pop up quite frequently and there’s rarely any content worthy of interest.… More

Biocast Episode 005 – Dosing LLLT

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Some biological chromophores.

The nuts and bolts of low-level laser (light) therapy.

Irradiation parameters (the medicine).

Irradiation time/energy/fluence (“dose”).

WALT 780-860nm guide.

WALT 904nm guide.

Carpal Tunnel – Wikipedia


Biocast Episode 001 – Light and Thyroid with Vladimir Heiskanen.

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In Episode 1 of The Biocast I have a Q and A on light and the thyroid with Vladimir Heiskanen of Valtsu’s blog.

Valtsu’s Blog

Hypothyroidism: Could it be treated with LIGHT

LLLT – Terms and Metrics

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) and Photobiomodulation (PBM) Discussions Facebook Group

Light therapeutics; a practical manual of phototherapy for the student and the practitioner, with special reference to the incandescent electric-light bath by John Harvey Kellogg

Solved the Riddle of Heart Attacks Paperback – June, 1976 by Broda O.More

UV ageing on the left side of truck drivers face, with mirrored left and right composite images.

Red light protects skin from sun damage.

Sunlight is necessary for human health, UVB wavelengths stimulate dermal synthesis of Vitamin D, red and near infrared A (IR-A) have many beneficial effects, increasing thyroid function and cellular ATP. Increased mortality and blood pressure have been recorded in winter. UVA combined with the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) cause skin ageing, particularly in areas where skin is thinner and eye damage.… More