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Phage Therapy Supplements

This article looks at some of the more easily accessible phage therapy products. Please read the previous article Introduction To Phage Therapy (*) for a better understanding of phage therapy. In short, phages (or bacteriophages) are viruses that can attack bacterial cells.

Study Shorts 3 * IBS – Bifido * Osteoarthritis – Bifido * Iron – Huntington’s * High-Fat – Compulsive Eating * Chronic Stress – Serotonin *

Protease signaling through protease activated receptor 1 mediate nerve activation by mucosal supernatants from irritable bowel syndrome but not from ulcerative colitis patients

Searching for biomarkers for irritable bowel syndrome, researchers found (supernatant) fluid from IBS patients expressed different enzymes that break down protein (protease).More