Collagen & Glycine

Collagen For Gut, Joint, And Bone Health.

Glycine, Sleep, And Muscle

Caloric Restriction, Amino Acids, And Longevity


Phage Therapy

Introduction To Phage Therapy

Phage Therapy Supplements

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue And The Gut – On Patreon

Thiamine (B1) And Chronic Fatigue

Thyroid And Chronic Fatigue

Low Level Light Therapy & Photobiomodulation

Light Treatment Of Hypothyroidism – Is It Possible With LEDs?

Dosing Low Level Light Therapy

Lighting Up Your Brain On A Budget

Experiences With Light Therapy

The Pulsed Laser Treatment Of Hypothyroidism And Heart Disease

Laser Treatment Of Hypothyroidism – Part I

Light And Hypothyroidism – Cure Or Cause?

Light Therapy And Hypothyroidism – Risks and Benefits.

Red Light Protects Skin From Sun Damage.

Biocast Episode 007 – Redlightman

Biocast Episode 001 – Light and Thyroid with Vladimir Heiskanen.

Red and Near-Infrared Device Tests.

Red and Near-Infrared Light – Buyer’s Guide Part I

Red & Near-Infrared Light Buyer’s Guide Part II – LEDs.

Pain Medications

Risks Of Ibuprofen And Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)

Some Benefits Of Aspirin

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