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Light Articles
A Very Brief History of Red Light (Article)
Red and Near-infrared buyers guide (Article)
Red and Near-infrared buyers guide II – LED (Article)
Red and Near-Infrared Device Tests.(Article)
Can A Red LED Flashlight Have Beneficial Health Effects? (Article)
Red Light Protects From Sun Damage (Article)
Experiences With Light Therapy
Lighting Up YourBrain On A Budget? (Patreon)

LLLT Thyroid Articles
Light Therapy and Hypothyroidism – Risks and Benefits (Article)
Light and Hypothyroidism – Cure or Cause? (Article)
Laser Treatment Of Hypothyroidism Part I – Constant Wave (Patreon Article)
Laser Treatment Of Hypothyroidism Part II – Constant Wave (Article)
Pulsed Light Treatment of Hypothyroidism Part I (Article)
The Pulsed Laser Treatment Of Hypothyroidism And Heart Disease – Part II (Patreon Article)
Light Treatment Of Hypothyroidism – Is It Possible With LEDs?
Dosing Low Level Light Therapy – Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Chronic Fatigue
Thyroid, Thiamine, And Chronic Fatigue (Patreon)

Blue Light
Blue Light, Sleep, And Health (Patreon)

Pain Medications
Some Benefits Of Aspirin
Risks Of Ibuprofen And Acetaminophen (Paracetamol)

Biocast 1 – Light and Thyroid with Vladimir Heiskanen (Podcast)
Biocast 2 – A History of Light Therapy (Podcast)
Biocast 3 – Light, Cytochrome C Oxidase, and Nitric Oxide (Podcast)
Biocast 4 – Light and Pain (Podcast)
Biocast 5 Dosing LLLT (Podcast)
Biocast 6 – Light and Hair Regrowth (Podcast)
Biocast 7 – Redlightman (Podcast)     Part II
Biocast 8 – Hello Endotoxin, My Old Friend (Podcast)
Biocast 9 – Endotoxin, Obesity and Diabetes (Podcast)
Biocast 10 Endotoxin Obesity and Diabetes in Humans (Podcast)
Biocast 011 Endotoxin and Dementia (Podcast)
Biocast 12 – Endotoxin, Serotonin, and Depression
Biocast 13 – Serotonin and Anxiety
Biocast 14 – Serotonin, Stress, and Autism

Fighting Endotoxin
The Case Against Endotoxin (Article)
Endotoxin Antagonists Part 1 – Podcast
Endotoxin Antagonists Part II
Endotoxin Antagonists Part III
Endotoxin Antagonists Part IV
Endotoxin Antagonists Part V
Endotoxin and Hormones
Endotoxin Related References – Google Docs

Light Therapeutics. A series on John Kellogg’s Light Therapeutics 
Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5

Scientists discover the secret of longevity? (Article/Podcast)

LSD And Autism