Low Level Laser Therapy – Low Cost Systems

The purpose of this article is to look at low level lasers up to 100 mW peak or average power within the lower end of the price range. LEDs seem to help with a lot of things but for deeper set problems a high peak power may be required, and this necessitates pulsing. There are […]

Low Level Laser Therapy For Chronic Shoulder Pain

I have had pretty good success using low level light therapy (LLLT) for a number of conditions. However, I have a generalized shoulder/scapular pain that is not well treated by the devices which I currently have. So I decided to take a look at some of the information relating to LLLT treatments of chronic shoulder […]

Collagen For Gut, Joint, And Bone Health.

Collagen is an anti-inflammatory protein that can improve gut, joint, and bone health. It is a great source of dietary glycine, which I’ve written about before, specifically regarding longevity[*], sleep, and muscle mass[*] Collagen contains peptides which have health benefits which may not achieved with supplemental glycine powder. The process of hydrolysis breaks collagen down […]

Glycine, Sleep, And Muscle

Glycine Improves Sleep And Increases Muscle Mass Glycine is an amino acid that makes up a large part of gelatin/collagen. Amino acids are generally categorized as essential or non-essential. Essential amino acids are those which cannot be made from other materials within the body, but which there is a biological requirement for. Glycine can be […]

Glycine and longevity

Caloric Restriction, Amino Acids, And Longevity

The effect of caloric restriction on longevity in animals has been observed as far back as 1935 when McCay observed extended lifespan in underfed rats. In that experiment, the rodents were weighed weekly and those on the restricted diet received calories based on weekly weight gain, they were allowed to gain 10g per week. The […]

Phage Therapy Supplements

Phage Therapy Supplements

This article looks at some of the more easily accessible phage therapy products. Please read the previous article Introduction To Phage Therapy (*) for a better understanding of phage therapy. In short, phages (or bacteriophages) are viruses that can attack bacterial cells. In the process phages break down bacterial cell membranes, killing the bacteria. Phages then […]

Phage Therapy Guide

Introduction To Phage Therapy

Bacteriophages are viruses which are found naturally in the environment. They use bacterial cells to replicate, destroying the bacteria in the process. “Phages” provide an alternative to antibiotics and they may be the solution to antibiotic resistance. This article gives a brief overview of the history of phage therapy, their mechanism of action, risk and […]

Chronic Fatigue And The Gut – On Patreon

In the previous two articles on chronic fatigue I looked at the effect of alterations in thyroid hormones and pyruvate dehydrogenase. Here, I’m going to look at some of the effects of gastrointestinal dysfunction on both of these processes and their relationship to chronic fatigue.


Thiamine (B1) And Chronic Fatigue

In part II of this series I shift focus from thyroid to thiamine, looking at the effect of vitamin B1 on pyruvate dehydrogenase and the connection to chronic fatigue syndrome(s). Part 1 is here Thyroid And Chronic Fatigue Many associations have been made with chronic fatigue syndrome and the related condition fibromyalgia, both symptomatic and biochemical. […]

Chronic Fatigue Thyroid

Thyroid And Chronic Fatigue

A recent article on the effect of thyroid function in chronic fatigue piqued my interest in the subject. The study showed that some people with chronic fatigue syndrome were suffering from what I would call a functional thyroid deficiency. Generally, low thyroid, or hypothyroidism, is clinically determined by the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). […]